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Transfer Data With

1. Using a web browser, sign in to If you haven't used before, you will have to create a new account. Your globus online account name and password do not have to match the username you use in the steps below when you access our computers.

2. From the dropdown menu at the top center of the screen after you log in, choose "Manage Endpoints".

3. To add our server as an endpoint, click the "view all" tab. Our endpoint name is alsuser#bl832data. When you click on the "activate" button, it will ask you for your username/password. Please use the same user name and password you were assigned to use the computers at the beamline. You should probably leave all of the default options, and then click "authenticate".

4. Now you need to add your own computer or server as the other endpoint. If you are using a desktop computer, you will probably want to click on the "Add Globus Connect" button. This will pull up a 3-step set of instructions to help you install a piece of software called "Globus Connect". In summary, click on the appropriate operating system, get a setup key from globus online, and then paste that into your installation of globus connect after it is running. It is available for mac, linux, and windows. Once you've installed Globus Connect and started it running, you should see your computer showing up in the list of endpoints as username#computername (where username and computername are the ones for the computer you're sitting at).

5. Now go back to the dropdown menu at the top center of the screen. Choose "start transfer".

6. Choose your computer as one endpoint, and alsuser#bl832data as the other endpoint. The default path for the alsuser#bl832data endpoint is /~/ (the "home" directory). We have set your "home" directory to be /data/scratch/your_username. The other path you might be interested in on our server is /data/raw/your_username. (In both cases here, your_username refers to the username you received for the Beamline 8.3.2 computers.) If you are using a windows computer, you should use the cygwin style drive mapping: instead of using C:\myfolder to get to "myfolder" on the C: drive, you should use /cygdrive/c/myfolder. For more information, go to this site and choose your operating system:

7. Notice that by default, file transfer is set to overwrite files on destination. Choose the files you want to transfer, and click the big left or right arrow buttons to transfer them in the direction of the arrow. Near the top of the screen, it will give a status message saying that the transfer has begun. You should receive an email when it finishes.

8. You can now log out of the globus online web interface. Your transfer will happen in the background.