3.3.2 Manual

Beamline phone 510 486 5743
Hutch Operation 
1. Search hutch and push button #1
2. Close door, push button #2 to lock
3. Check hutch fan at speed #4
4. Wait 15 sec until Ready light on, push button #4
5. Click PSS201 Shutter OPEN button on Labview screen.
6.  Click PSS201 Shutter CLOSE button on Labview screen.
7.  Push button #6 to open door.

To vent Mono chamber
1. Switch off IG204
2. Switch of turbo
3. Valve off backing pump
4. Undo front flange bolts
5. Vent via 1/4" valve on rear of mono (open for 0.5 sec, close and wait for turbo <200Hz, then vent to atmosphere)
Pump down Mono chamber
1. Close, front flange, open backing valve, wait 20 mins till pressure <100 torr
2. Turn on turbo, wait till at 1500Hz
3. Turn on IG204
4. Call Floor Ops to re-enable beamline

Remote Power Switch
1. Using browser access
2. Login: admin, password same as PC
3. Turn on each outlet or reset using buttons
4. Mercury is currently on outlet #3

Switch from Monochromatic to White Light

3x2mm Beam Monochromatic:-
       Mono rear flange to blue frame = 53.5mm                      Beam flag   = 1.25                                   Aperture infront of mono = 38mm

White beam for Laue:-
       Mono Rear flange to blue frame = 48.5                           Beam flag = 0                                         Aperture in front of mono =  5mm for 30x10mm aperture,    Mono angle = zero