Beamline 3.3.2 
The beamline consists of a warm bend magnet source (1.27Tesla, 1.9geV, 500mA), 375um total thickness of Beryllium windows and a Si(111) monochromator. The monochromator can be removed to operate in white light mode. The beamline is for simple development that can be carried out on 30x36" optical breadboard located after a vacuum tank containing a Si(111) channel cut monochromator. Shown below are the overall view of the end station hutch and 2 modes of operation as used by Brookhaven users. The micromapping mode uses slits to aperture the beam down to a few microns and the sample is scanned around in this micro beam.. The x-ray diffraction topography mode illuminates several cm^2 of sample with white light and record the diffracted Laue patterns on film. 
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